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Interior Landscape Murals Painted for a Kid Friendly Space

Interior Landscape Murals for a Kid Friendly Environment

I spent a summer painting murals for a private school as well as a drop-in center for kids in Durham, NC, and I wanted share my progress for those of you who are looking for mural inspiration. This blog post focuses on the drop-in center called Sleeping Grass, located in Durham, NC.

Landscape Mural in Progress for Drop-In Center

The owner of a local drop-in center called Sleeping Grass has requested a field of green grass on the walls to capture the essence of the business' title. The location is an adorable 2 story home built in 1935. I primed the walls of the living room with interior wall paint and filled in big areas with a variety of shades of greens and blues, along with some hints of orange to create depth.

Abstract Waterfall Mural on a Fireplace Mantel Built in 1935

In the same house, my field (above) carries over to a fireplace where I was able to get creative with a variety of silvery and shiny colors on multiple bricks to capture colors from a waterfall. In contrast, every other brick was painted in muted grays and greens to create an abstract rock wall. This is a nonworking fireplace and the owner envisioned this area to be a "cozy corner" for children to have a place to snuggle up with some pillows and read a book.

Sand Dunes Mural 

On the opposite wall, the fields blend into large sand dunes. I focused on the hill and bumps as if I was working with a large pile of blankets. In the back of my head, I couldn't stop thinking about Dali's famous melting clocks in an empty desert. Eventually, I added a sunset to warm the environment up, but I'm glad to have captured this image in its early "dark & uncanny" stages. I somehow managed to overlook this wall when I took photos, so I do not have the finished product posted just yet. I hope to return to the drop-in center in the near future to capture the finished look.

How the Murals Function in a Kid Friendly Space

The murals all came together with the designer touch of furniture and decor. This drop off center is called Sleeping Grass, based off of the grass that "falls asleep" when it is touched, by folding its leaves inward and hanging low. Some people find it intriguing and whimsical, the way this grass protects itself by reacting in such a way.

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Mural Credit: Angelique Bowman
Designer's Touch: Mastaneh Christofferson

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